Filozofska istraživanja 163 (3/2021)

FI 163

Sadržaj (page 471-471)
Contents (page 472-472)
Contenu (page 472-472)

Inhalt (page 472-472)


Uz temu (page 473-475)

Goran Sunajko

What More Can Phenomenology Do? (page 488-488)

Predrag Finci
Review article

Nihilism and History. What Remained of Postmodernity? (page 511-511)

Žarko Paić
Original scientific paper

What Do Pictures Know? Art, Appropriation, Cultural Triangulation (page 530-530)

Krešimir Purgar
Original scientific paper

Mallarmé’s Rhythm: Between Phenomenon and Différance (page 548-548)

Adrian Pelc
Original scientific paper

Self-Representation on Social Networks (page 638-638)

Ivan Perkov, Petar Šarić
Preliminary communication

Islamic Philosophy in the West: Critical Analysis of Recent Studies (page 657-657)

Rusmir Šadić
Review article

Branka Brujić (Zagreb, 1931. – Zagreb, 2020.) (page 659-661)

Goran Sunajko
In memoriam, Obituary

António Damásio: The Strange Order of Things. Life, Feeling, and the Making of Cultures (page 676-679)

Aleksej Kišjuhas, Marko Škorić
Case report